• ASB PSSG Board

    Our goals are to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community at large to improve our children's educational experience.

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz, Lisa Fiorilli, Tim Frey, Lisa Otis, Patti Raba, Shannon Sashko, Lisa Sowul, Kathy Swartz
  • ASB PSSG General Meeting

    ASB PSSG General Meeting updates and reviews will be listed organized under this program link.

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz, Lisa Sowul
  • ASB PSSG Group Page

    Main Group Page for The Academy of St. Bartholomew Parent School Support Group (ASB PSSG)

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz, Tim Frey, Shannon Sashko, Lisa Sowul
  • Amazon Smile

    Give back just from Shopping online. Link St. Bartholomew to your account and shop using a unique amazon website address.

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz, Lisa Fiorilli
  • Annual PSSG Winter Fundraiser - St. Patrick's Day Party

    PSSG's biggest fundraiser of the year! A fun night out for parents, family, & friends. March we had St. Patricks Day Party with raffles, sideboards, and prizes. Volunteers always needed and welcome to put on this great event.

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz, Gary Drlik, Valerie Grace, Danielle Pomnean, Shannon Sashko, Lisa Sowul, Kristen Spinhirn, Scott Spinhirn, Kevin Wagner
  • Book Fair - Catholic Schools Week

    Help setup, sell, cleanup - Catholic Schools Week Event... January 23rd - January 27th 2019

    Chair(s): Open Position
  • Box Tops

    Save your Summer Box Tops!  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. Check out to learn more about sweepstakes to win Box Tops for the school and for participating products and to get coupons to purchase some of those products. 

    Chair(s): Jennifer Bruno
  • Coke Rewards

    Save Coke codes printed inside bottle caps and boxes and send them to Sarah Frey in 3A. Coke codes = money for St. Bart's.

    Chair(s): Margaret Frey, Tim Frey
  • Donations

    Donate items from Teacher wishlist and for school events, Gather Monetary Donations for Events or Programs

    Chair(s): Courtney Edmonds
  • Fall Oktoberfest Party

    Fall fundraiser funds the PSSG's wishlist for the school year. Along with Fundraising, it is a fun event for members of the parish community to get together.

    Chair(s): Shannon Sashko
  • Father/Daughter Event

    The Father/Daughter event gets better and better each year! Last March the PSSG sponsored a Candyland themed Father Daughter Dance.

    Chair(s): Lisa Sowul
  • Father/Son Event

    November 10th 2018 - Fathers enjoy a night out with your son at a Lake Erie Monster's Game. A great event for Dads & Sons to hang out with other St. Barts Fathers and Sons.

    Chair(s): Jen Jozity
  • Field Day

    Parents and PSSG helped coordinate Field day along with Teachers and Staff to provide a fun filled day of outdoor events. Walking, activities, snacks, drinks, and even snow cones were provided.

    Chair(s): Jennifer Bruno
  • Giant Eagle Apple for Students

    Link your Giant Eagle card to St. Bartholomew online (ask family & friends too). At the end of each year we earn points to be used to purchase items from their catalog.

    Chair(s): Lisa Fiorilli
  • Head Room Parent

    Head Room Parent helps to coordinate along with other room parents when seasonal events require room parents help communicating with classroom students.

    Chair(s): Dawn Legarth-Maxin
  • Heinen's Tasteful Rewards

    Link your Heinens reward card to St. Bartholomew online (ask family & friends too). At the end of the school year we receive a check based on the % of sales from the linked cards. (must be relinked every year).

    Chair(s): Lisa Fiorilli
  • Hospitality

    Throughout the year, the volunteers are needed to provide food and drink for school events. Events include Kindergarten promotion, preschool graduations, 8th grade graduation, etc.

    Chair(s): Lisa Fiorilli, Kathy Swartz
  • Ink Rewards

    Did you know that we recycle printer ink cartridges all year long? There is a drop bin in Church that you can bring your cartridges to this Summer. Please keep in mind that they will not take the large copier toner tubes.

    Chair(s): Jennifer Bruno
  • Lunch/Kitchen/Recess

    We always look forward to our families helping, especially during lunch - there are 3 areas of need: recess, kitchen, and lunchroom! Click on the Title to learn more.

    Chair(s): Dawn Legarth-Maxin
  • Make the Cut

    We donate hair and money to the non-profit organization, Children With Hair Loss. They give out human hair replacements at no cost to children who've lost their hair due to illness and burns.

    Chair(s): Margaret Frey
  • Malley's Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

    Who doesn't like chocolate? or know someone who might? Sell 2018-2019 fall fundraiser chocolate bar sales. Box of assorted chocolate bars $1.00 each, Big candy bars at $3.00 each

    Chair(s): Lisa Sowul
  • Mother/Daughter Event

    PSSG volunteers planned event for Moms and Daughters of the school. In May we participated in an Maggie & Ellie pottery event sponsored by PSSG with food and drink. So much fun!

    Chair(s): Jennifer Bruno, Lisa Sowul
  • Mother/Son Event

    Make Believe Family Fun Center Mother/Son event. November 16th 6:30pm-9:30pm

    Chair(s): Jen Jozity
  • New Family Ambassador

    Assist an assigned current ASB family that you can contact throughout the school year with any questions (big or small).

    Chair(s): Cindie Merlino
  • Pancake Breakfast - Catholic Schools Week

    Save the Date! Catholic Schools week is January 27–February 2, 2019. Pancake breakfast is held on the Sunday, January 27th. Volunteers for this fun event are always needed and welcomed!

    Chair(s): Lisa Sowul
  • Recess Equipment

    Review inventory / replenish / donations as needed

    Chair(s): Dawn Legarth-Maxin
  • Restaurant Rewards

    Throughout the school year, PSSG has coordinated with neighboring school restaurants for a day of fundraising. Restaurants will donate a percentage of your order total back to the school. Its a win-win for both parties.

    Chair(s): Courtney Edmonds, Lisa Otis
  • Santa Shop

    Annual Santa Shop for our students to buy gifts for family & friends! This event lasts a few days and requires volunteers to purchase items, setup, and help the younger students shop for mom, dad, siblings, friends, family, and even your pet!  

    Chair(s): Kim Whitby
  • School Advisory Board

  • School Calendar

    School Calendar Updated on School Website

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz
  • Spiritwear

    St. Bart's Spiritwear...t-shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, etc. Spiritwear committee has also been involved with purchasing items for event giveaways such as piggy banks, PopSockets, rulers, pencils, cups, etc.

    Chair(s): Mom Last Name, Lisa Otis
  • Spring Fundraiser - Malley's

    Our annual spring fundraiser with Malley's Chocolates has raised tons of money to go back to our PSSG. St. Barts partners with Malley's Chocolates just in time for filling up those Easter baskets with yummy chocolate!

    Chair(s): Adam And Sherri Troy
  • Summer in the City Parade

    Represent The Academy of St. Bartholomew by walking in the Middleburg Heights Summer-in-the-City Parade.

    Chair(s): Open Position
  • Teacher Appreciation

    Our teachers put forth so much time and effort for our children. PSSG volunteers are needed help out with Teacher Appreciation Day. PSSG has provided meals for our teachers as a special thank you from the PSSG and Parents.

    Chair(s): Kim Whitby
  • Trunk-or-Treat

    2018 Trunk or Treat Event. To become a participant with your car, click join group or email Lisa Sowul ( At least 20 cars are needed for event.

    Chair(s): Lisa Sowul
  • Tuition Raffle

    The annual tuition raffle is held along with the Winter Fundraiser. Tickets are sold separately for this fundraiser. Winner receives the prized dollar amount or free tuition for the following school year!

    Chair(s): Kevin Wagner
  • Tyson Labels

    Labels may be turned in at any time during the school year (September – May). In your grocer's freezer section, look for Tyson® products that display the Tyson Project A+ label. Spread the word, collect, and send in!

    Chair(s): Jennifer Bruno
  • Used Uniform Sale

    Used Uniform Sale during Open House - August, 20th 2018 Saunders Hall (Gymnasium). Sell and buy your uniforms for your growing child. Polos, skirts, gym uniforms, shorts, and much more!

    Chair(s): Margaret Frey
  • Website and Technology Chair

    Update PSSG Website, Post Event info, provide website support for parents and members using the website. Offer assistance and ideas in keeping the school competitive with technology needs.

    Chair(s): Laura Biltz
  • Welcome Back Luncheon

    PSSG has provided a welcome back luncheon for teachers at the beginning of the school year. Teachers start back early, so why not treat them to a nice welcome back to school lunch from the PSSG? Volunteers to order and setup lunch needed.

    Chair(s): Kim Whitby